Thursday, June 27, 2013

Etsy Finds: Fun Little Planters!

These tiny planters all found on Etsy get me in the summertime spirit! 

via ShadeonShape

via BootsNGus

via RevolutionDH

via WindandWillowHome

See lots more HERE!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Walker's 2nd Month

Here are some photos from Walker's second month of life (again, way overdue but trying to catch up!)

At Max's 2nd Birthday Party! Pretty much slept through the whole thing in true Walkman fashion.

Walkers first trip to the Arboretum (with granners and gramps)

How I liked to get ready sometimes... Walker in his carseat on the toilet with a glass of wine.. now that is classy!

Family time on the porch... thank goodness for that swing.

Walker on his first trip to Canton! We went with our friends Amanda & Graham (4 months at the time) 

Walker's First Easter
And Walker's first glass of champagne! Kidding... dont call CPS on me.

Lots of paci time...

And play time!

Family trip to Goodfriend 

Walker did lots of shopping during his 2nd month...  such a good little shopper.

And LOTS of smiling! Love that smile.

Walker celebrated St Patty's Day & Easter in style..
Walker hung out with his cousins.... and especially loves his cuz Henry who is only a month younger than him!

Walker got lots of love from the ladies... Aunt Alicia, Meredith, & Lindsay in particular!

Mom got lots and lots of snuggles. I will never forget these moments. So sweet!

And we went on lots of walks.. Stroller during the day & Baby Bjorn for nighttime strolls.

Happy 2 months! Love my little boy.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Walker's First Month

This is way overdue, but better late than never... here are some pics from Walker's first month of life!

Dad waiting for Walker to come!

And mom waiting..

Walker John Boynton... born at 7:41pm on Feb 8, 2013!


Happy family meeting Walker.

Gramps & Aunt Mollie

Walker & dad napping together in the hospital. 

Love how funny & swollen his face looked at first!

Dad was sick and had to wear a mask and gloves to hold Walker. 

Walkers first time in the carseat

Aunt Mollie saying goodbye :(
First time to wear Aggie apparel.. and def not the last time

Walker  & Graham already being best friends!

Gramps and Walker

Walker & dad (and creepy benson in the background)

Walkers first trip to the doctor!

Walker getting his formula supplement after every feeding since he was losing so much weight! Poor little guy.

The beginning of lots of swaddling... he loves it! 

Happy Walker on Valentines Day :) 

Walker loves the pink nap nanny!

First sponge bath.... not too thrilled

Trying to weigh Walker on the postal scale.. good idea Granners.

He always made funny faces like this in his first month!

First restaurant trip.. Torchy's Tacos with Lindsay! 
Granners was a BIG help in Walkers first month.. couldnt have done it without her.

Still loving foxes :)

And wine!

In the moby with Aunt Mol
Feedings with dad